The red squirrel colony at Underscar was coaxed along and encouraged with careful supplementary feeding by Pauline and Derek Harrison for 19 years while they owned and ran Underscar Manor as a hotel. When Pauline and Derek retired, Underscar Manor became a private residence. We as owners of timeshare apartments at Underscar can still help to protect the red squirrel colony through supplementary feeding.

Most of the cost of the supplementary feeding is covered by funds received from the sale of cards depicting the squirrels in and around the estate. Since the sale of the cards began in August 2011, we have sold 1,000 cards. I would like to thank those of you who have bought the cards to provide funds to purchase the feed. I would also like to thank Fisherbeck staff, especially Liz O'Neill, who manages the sale of the cards on reception, Glenis Jones who buys the feed from Oakhurst Garden Centre and with her maintenance team, Richard, Julian and Nathan, fills the feeding troughs.

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