If you see a red squirrel, on the Underscar Estate, log into http://www.rsne.org.uk (Red Squirrels Northern England). You can log your sighting on the easy online form and map.

The grey squirrel sightings will be forwarded to local grey squirrel control groups. Your record will also be shown on the http://www.rsne.org.uk website map once processed.


You can phone the volunteer who deals with greys in the Underscar area; Alan Beck who lives in Keswick. His number is: 017687 73337

Soon a new Red Squirrel Ranger is to be appointed for the area, and the whole Red v Grey issue can be publicised further.

I will carry on updating this page everytime I receive new information on how we can protect the Underscar Reds.

Children love to watch red squirrels. They can learn much more about them on http://www.rsne.org.uk where they have a fabulous education section for Key Stages 1,2 and 3.

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