Maria Blakeley Amateur Wildlife Photographer captures life's important moments!


My love of wildlife began as a child growing up in the Churnet Valley in Staffordshire. I was able to get close to wildlife as we walked by the river, ponds and canals in this beautiful county.

My biology teacher at school encouraged me to enter a Bird and Tree competition organised by the RSPB, which I was thrilled to win. Later I went on to become a biology teacher and I hope I was able, in my teaching, to make pupils aware of the vulnerability of wildlife to outside influences.

Now retired, I find that wildlife photography is the perfect antidote to a fast paced high technology world. I like my photos to tell something of the species I am snapping. Above all I hope my photos will encourage respect for that particular species I have encountered, and make people more determined to play their part to ensure they are protected.

                                               Maria Blakeley


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