Our Easter weekend was spent at High Barn Cottages, Sewerby, near Bridlington. www.highbarncottages.co.uk

Each cottage has its own webcam into an owl box situated within the eaves of the cottages.


We were thrilled to find in residence, a beautiful Barn Owl. This is the first time an owl has adopted the box since it was first put there in 2011. Good news, as last years harsh winter killed many Barn Owls in East Yorkshire.

We saw the barn owl eating, preening and stretching inside the box. Outside we saw it soar from box to trees, gliding effortlessly over the dew pond, much to the consternation of 2 mallard ducks swimming on the water.

First visit to RSPB Bempton Cliffs on Easter Saturday. Puffins starting to get re-united after a winter out at sea.

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